The Jesus Bible

4 Gospels Combined to Make History

The Gospels come alive like never before. The Jesus Bible combines all four Gospels and blends them into one continuous story from the beginning of Jesus life to the end – all in chronological order.

Along with over 1200+ study notes you will see and understand Jesus and his world with clarirty and a fresh perspective.


Kyle Dransfield lives in Auckland, New Zealand, and is a loving husband and father of three. He has been an active member of Life Church for nearly three decades. He graduated from Hillsong Bible College with a Diploma of Ministry.

Throughout his journey, Kyle has fostered a profound yearning to truly understand Jesus. In his pursuit of hearing God’s voice and deepening his prayer life, he embarked on a journey to better know Jesus through His Gospel stories. What started as a morning time of study and prayer turned into a decade-long journey of meticulously unpicking every verse and harmonizing the Four Gospels into one seamless and captivating story.

Now, this labour of love is shared with you – a culmination of years of dedication and meticulous notes. It is his hope that you derive as much enjoyment from this book as he has from its creation.




Throughout the book, there are detailed maps showing locations, routes, and distances that Jesus traveled during his ministry. The map above highlights the location of the feeding of the 5,000 and the distance to Capernaum.

Side Notes

1200+ Study Notes

With over 1200 enlightening study notes, each page offers essential context and knowledge that unveils a profound understanding of the text. These enriching notes add vibrant hues to the Gospel story.


Along the bottom of every page is a comprehensive timeline, detailing all the major events in Jesus’ life and ministry. From his birth and death, to his baptism and length of ministry, it offers precise dates and invaluable insights.

30 Chapters of Easy Reading

The Jesus Bible naturally fell into a 30 chapter story – one chapter for each day of the month. It presents the Gospels in a captivating and accessible language, making it a delight to read and explore.

Cultural & Historical Context

Additionally, the book features close to 200 in-text notes, enriching the Gospel story with profound historical insights into the cultural contexts of Jewish and Roman societies of that time.  


The Jesus Bible offers numerous illustrations and info-graphics depicting items from 1st-century Israel, enabling readers to vividly experience and comprehend what life was like for Jesus and his disciples some 2000 years ago.


Feeding the 5000


Paying Taxes to Caesar

Side Notes

Jesus Heals A Man with Leprosy


What People are Saying About

The Jesus Bible – His Story

“You have done so well Kyle. I love it. It is so much more than I thought!”

Judy D

The chronological order brings the story of Jesus to life in a captivating and straightforward manner!”

Karlene HW

“I love this book. I’m totally blown away by all the research and resources.”

Todd Lane

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